Teaser for Wall (2023)

Wall tells a story about ecological practice, unexpected connections and ambiguous communication. By intertwining the daily work of a permaculture project in the outskirts of Amsterdam with a speculative retelling of an old myth, we learn about how deeply rooted some preconceptions about agriculture and the environment can be, and what might a way out look like.
This film is the result of ethnographic fieldwork conducted as part of master research in visual anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.
Voice-over by TJ Querio
Soundtrack and mix by yourfriendkas
Wall premiered April 2023 at OT301 in Amsterdam.
It was selected for screening by the following festivals:

Bio Film Festival; Sospirolo, Italy
Fiducia Festival; Torre de' Picenardi, Italy 
Better World Film Festival; Munich, Germany (honorable mention) 
Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Spotlight on Academics Film Festival, Thunder Bay, Canada (semi-finalist)
Frome International Climate Film Festival, Frome, United Kingdom
Ortometraggi Film Festival, Turin, Italy
Festival Kino Bled, Bled, Slovenia
The film is not yet publicly available. To request access, go to the contact page or use the socials icons below.
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