An ecosystem is made up of a flux of stories and countless happenings. A permaculture farm is not different, and action is scarcely reserved to the scale of human vision and attention. One afternoon at the Boterbloem I found a curious little spot somewhere around the potato beds. Something about the moss in the corner seemed attractive and so within my attempts to capture visions of soil, I aimed the camera downwards. I must have been soon distracted by something else, or maybe I just had to go to the loo, but at any rate I left the camera rolling. When I came back with something else in mind I moved the tripod away without much thought. Later that week, when I finally skimmed through the footage, I realized I missed something big. Or rather something small. A slow story.
What constitutes a story in a more-than-human world? Human history is filled with epic poetry and grandiose storytelling - a hero embarking on a perilous journey just to to slay some great beast or another. Can we shift our perception, if only for a few minutes, and imagine what an epic story of a snail might look like for a snail? This short yet challenging film offers a glimpse into a rich world of stories unfolding at scale and pace we would not usually adjust our impatient gaze to.
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