My name is אור (/oʁ/ [he/they]). I'm an anthropologist and filmmaker with a focus on ecological engagement and practice. After beginning my academic pursuit through studying philosophy, anthropology and performance at University College Utrecht, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a degree in visual anthropology and have since been exploring the intersection of moving images, ecology, and practice.
I'm trying to capture practices which blur or deconstruct the ontological barriers that separate many of us from our respective environments, while engaging a wide range of theoretical frameworks and in an investigation of grounded philosophy. This is inspired by and in communication with a variety of sources, including South and East Asian philosophy, Indigenous studies, literature, and other contemporary theorists and filmmakers.
In recent projects I explored themes such as ecological practice, permaculture farming, and communication within a more-than-human environment, using a combination of sound, visual materials, and storytelling to convey messages and demonstrate the importance of ecological awareness and engagement starting from an embodied personal level and expanding to societal and planetary scales.
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